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디지털 I/O 모듈

Advantech’s digital input/output data acquisition modules are equipped with isolation and failure protection to provide reliable operation. Featuring wide input voltage to fit various digital signals, and switching on applicable DAQ models. Choose from broad functionality to fit your control needs.
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8채널 릴레이 아웃풋 모듈(Modbus)
  1. I/O 타입: 8채널 from C (NO/NC selectable)
  2. 컨텍트 레이팅: AC: 125V @ 0.6A; 250V @ 0.3A, DC: 30V @ 2A; 110V @ 0.6A
  3. 스위치 타임: Relay on time (typical): 3msec, relay off time (typical): 1msec.
  4. LED 지시등 내장
  5. 프로토콜: Modbus/RTU


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8채널 파워 릴레이 아웃풋 모듈(Modbus)
  1. High Power 릴레이 아웃풋: 240Vac@5A, 30Vdc@5A
  2. 8채널 릴레이 아웃풋
  3. 와치독 타이머 내장
  4. Modbus/RTU 프로토콜 , ADAM ASCII 코드 지원


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